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There are several churches in Portlaw and some of them are very old.

ST. PATRICKS CHURCH was built since 1858. The building was roofed in May 1859. The church is very big and it is on the back road to Kilmacthomas overlooking the village. We go to mass in this church every Sunday. It is at the top of our estate. You can see the Church from Shanahans lane. In the night there are orange lights that light up the Church so it can be seen from the Carrick road. We made our First Communion in this Church.  This is the main Catholic church.


CLONEGAM CHURCH was re-build in 1714 and a new roof was added. It is a Beresford mausoleum and the inscriptions the tombs record the death of their families. Next to the church is a house and if you wanted to see the inside of the church you would go to the house and ask for the keys.


THE HOLY TRINITY CHURCH (pictured above) is situated in Portlaw it was consecrated on the 6th of September 1852 and was dedicated under the name of Holy Trinity. The Church is situated on the Church road. The Church is at the back of our school. We were never inside the church but the outside is very old looking.  this is the main Church of Ireland church.


KILBUNNY CHURCH is one and a half miles on the Waterford side of Portlaw. It was re-build in the 11th century .It was said that there were 230 monks there. When the arch was there, there used to be a head of a ram and the head of a man. We often go walking to the church and  there is a wooden cross which was erected by the people several years ago.



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