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Bóthar is the Irish Third World development agency, which provides poverty-stricken families with the means to solve their problems permanently. It does this by giving a family a farm animal such as a dairy cow, dairy goat or a flock of chicks, together with the training and support which enables them to look after it properly. Milk, meat or eggs not only provide an entire family with a balanced diet for the first time, but the surplus can be sold, giving the family their first opportunity to earn income.

A  piece  from  the  Bóthar  magazine.              

Portlaw N.S has been helping Bóthar for a couple of years now. We had a no uniform day where everyone brought in €1 to help some poor people. We also had boxes around all the school’s main entrances. When the parents came in to see our school plays they also donated money. The staff of Portlaw N.S also donated money to Bóthar. We raised a total of €450, which was excellent. We raised enough money to send a sheep and a goat. The goat went to Tanzania and the sheep went to India. The cost of the sheep was €150 and the goat cost €300. Both families were delighted with their Christmas presents from Portlaw N.S.
A special thanks to Mrs Boylan who organised the Bóthar collection

By Siobhán & Claire

Here is a poem which Mrs Boylan wrote about Bóthar


A Gift of Life
Money for this, money for that.
Money for things we need or not.
Things that we like, things that we need.
Things we must have, we’ve all agreed.
Things we just can’t do without,
Things we must get or we’ll be left out.
We need so much, we need, we need…
But do we really, or is it greed?

So this Christmas we said we’d try,
To think about others and not just “I”
Children who are not on Santa’s list
Children who maybe Santa missed.
Children who live in a hot dry land,
Those who have nothing and can’t understand,
Why they have so little while others can’t choose
Which colour to buy in their new suede shoes,
Which city to visit, which movie to see,
Which car to drive, which new C.D.

The pupils and teachers of Portlaw
Decided to lend a helping paw,
Or tail or fin or branch or hive.
Let’s give them a chance to make a life.
Give them a fish, they‘ll eat, but then,
The next day they’re hungry all over again.
Teach them to fish and they’ve a way
To feed themselves day after day.

We’ll raise some money for Bóthar and then,
They’ll send abroad a goat or hen.
A camel, some rabbits or honey bees,
A pair of yaks or plant some trees.
Guinea fowl, fish or breeding sows.
Dairy goats or dairy cows.
Let’s give a living gift this year.
A gift of life, A Happy New Year.

Bothar.jpg (120447 bytes) Mrs Boylan and her collectors



This is where our goat went

goat.jpg (17543 bytes)    goat1.jpg (54997 bytes)   goat2.jpg (40106 bytes)


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