Blessing of Pets 2003

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To recognise the Feast of St. Francis, Mrs Hally and her class held a service to bless their pets.  Fr. Gear performed the service in the old school yard.

Alex and his dog Fr. Gear blessing pets Brian and his hamster
Alexs dog.jpg (55586 bytes) Blessing.jpg (60255 bytes) Brians hamster.jpg (71015 bytes)







My  hamster  is called Will. He is very small and he eats sunflower seeds. His bed is fluff. We have a big cage for him but I could not bring him in it. Jack’s dog Tilly was sitting beside him. I brought him on the bus . He was hard to get on the bus but I got him on the bus. I got him on the bus. I left my little sister hold him on the bus and everyone came over to her. At the end my Nanny brought him home. He got blessed on Tuesday as we had a prayer service in honour of St Francis. We all brought in our pets to get them blessed.

Dav and dog Kim's Kat Lauren and dog
Davs dog.jpg (59889 bytes) Kims cat.jpg (43156 bytes) Laurens dog.jpg (52170 bytes)

My  pets name is Gill. Her breed is half Dalmatian half gundog. Gill is 11 years old in dog years. Once Gill saved my nanny when she fell into a stream. Gill kept barking at my Mammy. Gill sleeps in a garage on a chair. Gill  chases mice and rabbits and likes to be rubbed under  the belly.

My pets name is Holly. She is a border collie dog. She is five years old. I know Holly since she was two years old.Her sister was found a stray. Holly’s favouritefood is dog food and her favourite drink is water.We had a prayer service for the animals.On Tuesday Fr. Gear blessed each of our animals.She lives with my Nanny and loves the outdoors

Nicole, sister & dog Melissa & dog P.J. and pup
Lennons dog.jpg (52172 bytes) Melissas dog.jpg (38880 bytes) PJs dog.jpg (31404 bytes)

My Dog SpotMy dog Spot is very small . He eats dog food. He is a little terrier he likes to jump around .He is five weeks old. He loves biting me but he has no teeth. He hates strangers. He hates Brians hamster. You have to feed spot every day.I left my sister hold him in the car .He nerly jumped out of the box.I got him blesed on Tuesday.Then my mother brought him home.

Una & her dog Aoife, Siobhán & dog Jack's Dog
Unas dog.jpg (56760 bytes) Whelans dog.jpg (53999 bytes) Jacks Dog.jpg (78734 bytes)

I have a dog called Bica his breed is a Hungarian Puli. His curls were down on the ground when we got him. He is black and has a white spot on his chest. I said we should have called him spot. Bica means small black coffee in Hungarian. Well he is small and black but he is a dog not coffee.






My dogs name is Blackie. His colour is all-over with some white down his neck. His breed is a mixture of all different breeds. His favourite  food is chicken and ham. He loves to lie in the sun and fall asleep. You may think this is strange  but my dog Blackie and cat Fluffy are best friends. Blackie is very caring and a very big hearted dog he wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s why he’s the best dog  in the world!




My  pet  is  a  West  Highland  terrier  I  got  her in  Wexford. My  dog’s  name  is Tilly . She  is  two  years old. She  likes  to  eat  dog  biscuits  and   nuts. She has a whitecoloured coat. She  lies  down  in  front  of  thefire .I  bring  her  for  walks  and  she  rambles  off  on  me.She  is  very  giddy and playful at times .She  likes  to  get  her belly  stroked .She  sleeps  in  the  bed  with  my  Mother  and Farther. She  gets  really  giddy  when  she  can  see  the  lead. She  plays  soccer  with  me  sometimes  the  couler  of  her  eyes  are   green.  She  sits  under  the  dinner  table  and  gets Food.In  may  the  fifth.





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