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Portlaw Bakery

The Portlaw Bakery plays a very important part in our lives here in Portlaw. We have to remember when it all started back in 1914, when John and William Corcoran two English brothers came back from, London to our small village here in Portlaw. They had been working for a German in his bakery but he closed it when World War 1 broke out.  The brothers travelled back to Portlaw and opened their very own bakery. They also opened two small shops one in Brown St and one in Main St .The one in Main St opened in 1968 and the one in Brown St opened in 1969. They closed some years later they had sold the one in Brown St but kept the one in Main St., which is now a house.

In 1947 they sold the main bakery to Frank Madders. Today his son Michael Madders is the present owner. He has five salesmen and nine bakers. He has six vans. There are fourteen different types of bread being made. They deliver all over Waterford and some parts of Kilkenny. Every morning there are 2,000 large pans 800 turnovers (twists) and 600 small pans being baked.

Here are some of the types of bread which are made their every day.

blas, turnovers, pan loaves, viennas, bloomers, ringpan, soda bread , currant soda , bosses, rich bracks, white bracks, brown pans, health pans




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