Animal Week

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Hayley's Dogs
Ryan's Dog
Sarah's Guinea Pig






Animal Week


By Amy Coe

During animal week in early October, four pets visited our class: three dogs and a guinea pig.

Hayley Corcoran brought in her dogs, Molly and Gypsy. Ryan Kennedy brought in his dog Holly and we played a game of fetch with her. Sarah Walsh brought in her, guinea pig, Stuart Little. Animal week sponsors our local S.P.C.A., which in our case is the Waterford S.P.C.A. They get money from special packs of cat and dog food and you also get special broaches for raising money for your local S.P.C.A.

            The 7th to the 12th October was animal week. Fifth class made projects on different animals and pets. Some told how to care for pets, others told about their pets. We had to research  lots of animal facts. It was a delightful week and I can’t wait for next year. 

vet cat.jpg (21041 bytes)We also had a visit from a vet.  George Kinsella came to our school and spoke to us about keeping pets.  he brought his pet cat with him.  We all enjoyed his visit.   

By Megan Walsh

Dogs are playful
Dogs are fun
They love to run
And have some fun

They sit when told
And can be bold
They learn to obey
What their masters say


Animal Week

By Liam O’Neill

Animal week’s the week
Where all the animals seek
Birds peep out of their nests
All chirping that theirs is the best
The dogs are barking
The footballers are marking
The cats are lying
The birds are flying
That’s the story of animal week



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