Action day Photos.

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Our Action Day actually took several days as the classes undertook many tasks.  This week probably proved to be the highlight of our Green School Project as everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion and much worthwhile work was completed.  At the end of the week the school grounds had benefited greatly.

Action day.jpg (77948 bytes) A full skip!  This consisted of junk particularly from the sheds, and the old school.  The shed was cleared completely and is now used to store our cans.

Action day1.jpg (69822 bytes) Fifth class extending a flower bed in the front garden.


Action day2.jpg (77738 bytes)Not a chain gang but sixth class digging out a new bed in the back garden.  


Action day3.jpg (79105 bytes)   Senior Infants planting Spring bulbs in the side garden.





Litter wardens.jpg (68389 bytes) Litter wardens about to go on duty complete with bibs.  The dolmen was made from paper and cardboard and was one part of recycling in art.


Our tree for Peace

Peace tree.jpg (84380 bytes)During March 1999 we planted a special tree in the front garden for Peace.  The two girls were chosen to plant the tree.


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