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Abbey Rubber Mouldings Ltd

Abbey Rubber Mouldings Ltd started in 1981. It is a small family controlled concern. It was founded by Ivan White. Before Ivan bought it, it was used to store glass. They are six people working in the rubber factory. They make gaskets, gromments, shoe soles and heels and rubber moulding and bonding rubber to metal. They export their rubber all round Ireland and England but what they send to England is very small so they can send it by post.

The three main areas they supply are footware, industrial and engineering companies. The company is acknowledged as a producer of high quality rubber moulding and rubber to metal bonded components. It currently produces some two hundred different items, to customer or approved specification, using a wide rang of polymers which include, polychloroprene, silicone, acrylonitrile, styrene butadiene and natural. It is unique in so far as its own mould making facility.

I Kathy Fitzpatrick picked this project because the factory is situated at the top of my garden and I always had an interest in rubber.

I Ciara Nolan did this project because the factory is just beside my grandmothers house and I know the people who work in the factory and I know the owners as well.


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