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These book reviews were written by Fifth and Sixth classes in 1998

The Witches

Title: The Witches

Author: Roald Dahl

Type of book: Fiction

Summary: The Witches is about a boy who lives with his grandmother. One Summer’s day the boy has an encounter with a witch.The boy finds a potion in the witches bedroom.The potion can turn people into mice but in the end he turns the witches into mice.

Our opinion: We thought this book was a very enjoyable, exciting,tragic and funny story.

Lorraine Donnelly, Ann Sexton, James Walsh, Lisa Prendergast, Niall Morrissey,Claire O Donoghue



Author: Ginny Elliot

Type of book: Animals

Summary: Winning is about a girl named Becky who loves horses. She is determined to be a top trainer when she leaves school. A new horse arrives in the stables where she works called Red Rag. He has the potential to be a top race-horse but best of all a hunky jockey Jamie Howland is riding him, but someone is trying to stop Red Rag from winning. Who could it be? Read the book to find out.

Our opinion: This is a very good book and we would class it as one of the best books we have ever read.

By: Michelle O’ Donoghue, Lisa Walsh, Elaine Dunphy


Dangerous Treasure

Authors Name: Gordon Snell

Reviewers names: John Walsh, Owen Murphy

Cover Illustrator: Michael Marcaro

Publisher: Poolbeg



The story is about Brendan when he goes and stays with his cousin Molly in a small town called Ballygandon. Brendon goes to Dublin and then finds a brooch in his bag .But he did not steal it from the Museum! Who tried to frame him? It is a fast moving book with lots of action in it.

Our opinion:

This is a very good book and this one of our favourite books in the school library. Out of ten we would give it ten out of ten. We also liked his last book The Mystery of Monk Island because of the way he brings in alot of Irish history into both books.


The Bookshop on the Quay

Authors name: Patricia Lynch

Reviewers name: Elaine Dunphy

Publisher: Poolbeg

ISBN: 1-85371-443-7


The story takes place in the first half of this century. It opens in the living room of the Four Masters Bookshop on Ormond Quay in Dublin one Autumn evening. The bookseller Eugene O'Cleary, his wife Eilis and their ten year old daughter Bridgie are seated at tea when they invite young Shane Madden in. He tells the family about his uncle and they decide to help Shane find his uncle.

My Opinion

An extract from the book was in one of our English readers. I really enjoyed the book and would give it ten out of ten It tells about the trouble a young boy goes to to find his uncle.


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