I have a dream

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Dawn's Dream

I have a dream about the year 2000. I hope it is sunny. 1 can't wait till the year 2000 I will have a great time' My name is Dawn. I am 8 years old. I will be 9 on August the 29 th.

Carrie's Dream 

I have a dream about a little girl who was 9. One day on October the 1st 1999 she was in school in her classroom when on her window she found a bird. The bird said come on and she said what for if you come on I'll show you.

She said alright then come on. They both found a cave and they went into it and it was dark and scary and then they found a skeleton and they touched the skeleton and he was alive. Then they made friends and they went to a little cottage with sweets, biscuits, drinks, jellies, cookies, lollies, ice-creams, fruit and candy sticks.

So they went in and they found a little girl was there and they made friends and all of them found a tree and found a hole. They stuck their heads in it and found a little mouse whose name was Squeak. They found a kennel and a dog was in it and his name was Bingo and they made friends. They all made friends and they all lived happily ever after.

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Darren's dream 

I have a dream that in the year 2000 things might change will there be computers or cats and dogs. Will it he the end of the world no body knows. Will it rain will snow what ever happens know body will know.  Will there be cows and sheep will horns on the cars he able to beep.  Will there be rain or frost will there be animals in the forest. Will there be mist or any houses left will they he tents or caravans will there be lakes or bridges. Will there be bikes or cars or anything like that left. Will there be sweets or chocolate bars. Will there he water or fizzy drinks will your eyes he able to blink. Will it he the end of the world no body knows.

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Dean's dream

I have a dream that the millennium will have new cars and all new things and 1 think they will be all good and 1 will get all new things and all new toys and a new bike and two watch I will be a carpenter when l grow up.

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Ita's dream

Sam and Pam live on our street. A nicer pair you'd never meet. Sam is eight and Pam is nine. They play together rain or shine.

Now Sam met Pam the other day, Pam said to Sam let's go and play. I'll tie my skipping rope to a tree and you can turn it around for rne.

No Pam said Sam I'll get my ball. skipping is no fun at all. Jumping silly ropes is boring. Just get in goal and watch me scoring a goal. And Sam played football on his own.

But Pam soon found out that it is no fun playing skipping with one and Sam found it no fun at all playing a match against a wall.

So Pam said Sam I'll play with you because skipping is a great game for two. So is football answered Sam I'm bored alone 1 really am.

So Sam played skipping along with Pam and Pam played football along with Sam for every game is so much better when we are friends and play together.

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Jimmy's dream

I have a dream the millennium will have new cars and new houses. The year will be the year 2000. There will be new schools and classrooms. We will have a millennium Party with cakes and drinks. Will it be sunny rainy or snowy. Will the year 2000 will it be the same and will anything change do you know.? Will the world still be round? I will be 9 in the millennium, my birthday is in June.

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Sarah Louise's dream

I have a dream of the new millennium will the wars stop and live in peace ? . Will the world still be here?. Will there be more houses or cars made?. Will there be a new king or queen.? Will there be a new teacher ? 1 do not know. Will there be a new school ? 1 do not know either. Will I be here or not.? Will the trees still be here. ? Will the birds still be here and sing sweetly.?,

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Niall's dream

I have a dream that one day 1 will meet my hero and idol Stone Cold Steve Austin . He is my favourite wrestler and that one day 1 will meet him. He is so cool and when he does the stunner he really makes my day. My biggest wish is to win the WWF tag team champions, belts with Stone Cold Steve Austin. I watch him on telly every Friday and Saturday night. When I grow up I want to be just like him.

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