4 Fitzpatricks

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Stop 4: fitzpatrick’s house

 Fitzpatrick’s house on the corner of Brown Street and Stoney Road used to be a Church of Ireland school. This crossroads was always called Haugh’s cross. The house was built by the Medleycotts for Haugh. Once upon a time, the Medleycotts owned all the land in the townsland, which was known as Coolroe. There was an auction in Brown St. in the early 1900s and the Church of Ireland purchased this house when Cloneygam school was burned down during the Civil War. The Fitzpatricks who live there now used to have a shop in the house. Our teachers remember buying biscuits there. The family kindly donated land to Portlaw National School in 1995 when we were extending the school.

Notice that outside the front door there is an old horse handle on the ground to tie a horse up

It Used to be a Sweet Shop

It used to be a sweet shop
On the corner of Stoney Road
Where sweets like bulls-eyes and cough drops
Were always sold.
Before that, it was a small school
Where boys and girls went to learn
Reading, writing and arithmetic
Throughout the school term.
The Fitzpatrick’s live there now:
John, Joe, and their mother,
One is an electrician, the other a farmer,
And they all live with each other,
Where the people play on the corner.

By Alex Hackett

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