1 Woodlock

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Stop 1: woodlock

Woodlock is on the Carrick-on-Suir Road on the way into Portlaw. Presently, it is a full-time nursing home for the elderly with approximately 35 patients. People from the parish often go to the masses at Woodlock. It is a very peaceful place. There are nunsí graves in the grounds.  

Woodlock was built in 1863 for Frederick Malcomson. George, his brother who lived in Clodiagh House swapped houses with Frederick. He lived there with his wife, Emilie Maud. They lived there for many years with their sons and daughters. When George Malcomson died, Emilie became very ill and was moved to a Dublin hospital. Their family moved away shortly afterwards. Emilie was taken care of by the Sisters of Cluny. In her will, Emilie left Woodlock to the sisters who used it as a ladies retirement home.

The architect, J.S. Mulvany, designed Woodlock. He also designed other buildings in Portlaw such as The Clodiagh House on Queen Street, the Schoolhouse/Courthouse and the Gate Lodge, which leads into Mayfield House and the Cotton Mills. He was one of the more important architects in Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century. His brother, William Mulvany, was friends with the Malcomsons and even went into the mining business with them in Germany. We can see all his different styles of architecture just by walking around Portlaw.

We owe a lot of our heritage to the Malcomsons. In this case, we inherited the fine works of Mulvany. On your walk, you will realise that the Malcomsons brought a lot more to Portlaw.


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