15 Canal

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Stop 15: river and canal

If you stand on the bridge and look over, you will notice that there is a canal alongside the River Clodagh. Look closely and you will see an island (known as Green Island) with the ruins of houses on it. The canal was built by the Malcomsons so that raw materials could be brought up the Suir river and onto the canal by barge from Waterford right into the factory. The canal ran in underneath the factory where the raw coal and cotton were received. The barges were pulled along a tow-path by horses. When the cotton was ready, it was sent back to Waterford Harbour. Gigantic water wheels were used to operate the spinning machinery in the cotton mill.

The cotton mill got so busy that English workers were brought over to help out. They lived in little houses that were built on Green Island. This area was known as “English Town” or “Little London.” Some of the older people still remember the houses. 
There are plans to make a heritage walk along the canal

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